Small Group Tuition

Our Small Group Tuition is renowned for improving student performance. When we say ‘Small Group’ we really do mean just that – SMALL! Classes are maxed out at 6 students only, enabling high interaction and individual attention.

Unlike others, we are NOT lecture-based. Our groups are run by our most experienced, dynamic tutors whose students commonly increase their initial marks by 20 – 40%. We work on what you are doing in class first, assisting you to prepare for upcoming tests and essays. We devise a ‘plan of attack’ with you, setting study goals and isolating problem areas.

Gain confidence by interacting with other students and asking questions in a comfortable, happy and fun setting. We find students who were unable to put their hand up in class and ask a question soon gain the gumption to do so after a few weeks of attending Ace:)

1 hour for Yr 1-9: $27        1.5 hour for Yr 10-12: $37    

You can have 2 x 1.5 hours in the subjects of you choice for the price of 1 hour home tuition of some of our competitors!

You’re welcome to help yourself to tea, coffee or milo after your first group before starting the next:)

Call 9324 2000 for times and subjects.

*Admin fee of $39 applies once per year per family