Why Choose Us?

We see both sides of the coin when it comes to specialised tuition. As we are the only WA company to offer Home and Small Group Tuition, Exam Preparation and Study Skills Courses, we know what a successful student looks like and needs to do to achieve the best for themselves.

We don’t just work on the ‘problems of the week’, but negotiate with the student and work together to create a solid direction and study schedule. Our holistic approach is unique in that we look at why students are underachieving and design a strategy to change that.

Being one of the most inexpensive tuition centres in Perth means we can offer you more subjects or time for the same price as other companies charge for just one hour.

When booking tuition with Ace, seriously try to have your children attend small groups at West Perth. The limited numbers of 3-6 are ridiculously small in comparison to our competition who claim ‘small group numbers’ with 12 plus students! We often have clients book back to back subjects. For example, an upper school student doing a 1.5 hour English group followed by a 1.5 hour Maths group can do 3 hours of individualised tuition under the price of a competitors 1 hour home tuition!