Weekly Saturday Yr 7-9 English Group 9:30am-10:30am!

Amazing Results from Last Year:)
(max. only 5-6 students). Tutors work from each student’s individual curriculum, assisting them to gain knowledge on both Written and Non-Print textual analysis; improve spelling, vocabulary and comprehension and practise timed essays, along with a whole heap more!

Statistically, her C and D grade students typically improve by an average of 20% in In-class, Take home and Exam raw marks with B students given a plan to reach an A average and existing A graders increasing their overall skill set and performance under pressure.

This is NOT lecture-based and relies on students completing set weekly study goals. At only $27* for an one hour session per week this is one of the most inexpensive, yet motivating and fun groups you/your child will ever join. “He really dislikes his English teacher but he really enjoys coming to your group.” (Yr 11, Rory D)

Located in West Perth (near Water Town) – easy to access from Esplanade or Wellington train stations. Email or ring to book on 9324 2000. Amanda.

*One-off annual admin fee applies ($39)